Saturday, November 6, 2010

T Ball Hatred

Why does she hate TBall? Well here is my theory. The league was supposed to be set up as an instructional mini league for 4 & 5 yr olds. Well they didn't have enough registrations for all of the age groups so they combined the 4, 5, 6 & 7 yr olds all on the same team. So that means the four year olds are out in the outfield while the older more experienced players are manning the bases and inner circle. Let me just say Jamie isn't 'outstanding in her field' in this endeavor. Not only is there rarely any action in the outfield, the games are an hour and 20 minutes long.

So she is bored. And we all know it. She constantly wants to leave the field (to go to the bathroom, get a drink etc) and pretty much hates going to the games.

I have been advised that it's important for her to 'follow through' and not quit. So despite the fact that she is missing her Saturday morning dance class as all the games are at 9am we are fulfilling the committment to her team. I say we as the parents are very much involved. Mike is a coach (3rd base mostly) and as a parent we also have to man the concession stand and bring snack, (and sell donuts but that is a whole other post).

Do you think quitting something that a child absolutely hates is a bad thing?
I am seriously considering letting her miss the last game which is next Saturday and putting her back in Dance class so she can get the practice in to participate in the upcoming Christmas time pageant.

Am I being a weak willed parent?

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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

My kids are older (22 and 25) but I still remember that my son hated soccer with a burning passion. We made him finish out the season and never went back.

He ended up in KungFu (still does it and teaches it) and my daughter danced for 13 years (and still does occasionally at UCF)

I stil thought they needed to try a few things and see what they loved.