Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful for 5 days off!

My company sent us all an email memo to us all about four weeks ago announcing that we would all get Friday off after Thanksgiving. I have worked at this company almost 18 years and this the first time they have ever done this before.

Then the sales division set a goal for us to meet and we met it so we all got to leave on Wednesday for a half day. And if you made your private goal you had the whole day off!

Wow it's been nice. Our house has not been this clean and orderly in a long time. I even scrubbed the laundry floor on my hands and knees. Mike is vacuuming and 'smartening' up the house daily.

Today we put up the artificial tree and got it lit. It took a LONG time, I wanted lots of lights and even made a trip to Walmart for some more. One of the sets was a dud though so we just need one more set. No ornaments up yet but that's ok. Last year we didn't get the tree up til about 10 days before Christmas. This year we are going to enjoy the lights and decor the whole month.

Our street is almost all decorated. Our house and a couple others are dark. Thinking maybe we should hire someone to hang the lights. We have no ladder (it got stolen) and Mike is too old to be up there doing that anyway. There is a guy down the street that is just crazy about decorating (Ken from the Halloween House). He has quite a light show going in his yard and on his house and roof. And I know he isn't done. He will be adding stuff right up to Christmas week. He is great about it. Wonder if he might want to do another house while he is at it!

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The Lovely One said...

I live in a neighborhood of scrooges. Not a single house is decorated. And now The Agent won't decorate our house because he says that will target our house for thieves (because it will be clear that we celebrate Christmas and we have presents to steal).

We need to get out of California.