Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bounce House Birthday

Jamie has been friends with Ander since the week we brought her home. They came over and Ander and her just connected (when Jamie was four months old!). Ander is the red headed cutie birthday boy in these photos.

Ander's parents did it up right. Simple but so much fun for the kids and actually relaxing and pleasant for the parents too. No loud jangly music with huge rodents, just a bounce house, a train table set up with legos and pizza, salad, veggies and of course Ice cream and cake. (Yum to Bear Claw Ice cream in place of chocolate!)
Note the peel off decals on the garage door and the Yoshi theme - so cute!
I actually got some great shots of the kids in the bounce house as I was able to lay half in and half out and take some shots. (they frown at that at the kiddie carnivals LOL). Oh and notice the Birdseye shot of Ander opening the gifts. The kids always surround the birthday child while opening presents.
Today was another party for the close of the fall Tball season. I forgot the camera so there will be no pictures from it. We shared a meal and had a little ceremony where the kids all got trophies. Jamie's trophy had the boy instead of the girl on it. They were maybe going to get it switched out for us but that was before Jamie used her trophy as a mallet on the concrete chipping the bottom of it. I dont think she even noticed it was a boy on it though.

And now coming up on Wednesday there is yet another party for a boy from Jamie's class.
And don't forget the play date with her BFF on Tuesday.
She has quite the busy social calendar!


Cinda said...

We had so much fun!!! (I may need you to email me that cute picture of Ander looking at Jamie in the bounce house and the one of them together!) Thank you for always being a part of our lives!!

Marthavmuffin said...

Glad you guys are in our lives too! As for the photos you should be able to click on them and "Save as..."