Saturday, November 27, 2010

"The Mountain" or is she ready to move on to a Bike!?

It may not look like it but we have a bit of a steep hill right by our house. Jamie calls it 'the mountain' and begs to ride her bike or scooter down it. As we typically get home from work at dark and need to get her fed there is very little outdoor play during the week.

So on the weekend we make sure to take trips down 'the mountain' often. She is getting a bit big for the big wheel.

So last night during some Black Friday shopping she tried out the 2 wheeler with training wheels and I was amazed that she took right to it. (Oh and it was late in the afternoon, and believe or not there weren't that many people at Walmart - hope that isn't a sign that the economy isn't getting better).
Anyway, is a 16" bicycle silly to buy for a almost five year old? I wonder how long it will be usuable til she needs to go to the next size? I don't want to get her something too large for her and this size seems to fit her perfectly. Any ideas out there?

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Reagan's Mommy said...

Craigslist? I always look there first for the larger ticket items that won't likely be used for too long. Otherwise, I say get it in the right size and then sell on Craigslist when she outgrows.