Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gratitude List for my Job

In these challenging days I am very grateful for my job as stressful as it can be. Here are some reasons to be grateful for my job which I have had for almost 18 years:

1. I am so glad I have so much vacation time! After 10 years with my company they give you 3 weeks vacation added to the 7 personal days. I also get an extra day off for donating an hour per month to the United Way. Yes folks that adds up to 28 days of paid time off! (Not to mention the sales contests where you can win a half day or 2 hours off as a prize which I have been able to do a few times)

2. I am so happy that I don't work in the retail world. I worked as an assistant mgr in a Swimming Pool store for a while. UGH. working 6 days a week isn't for me; not to mention having customers angry about not getting their pools installed in time to enjoy the summer days, and the others angry that we didn't stock every part ever made for any pool pump ever made.

3. I love to sell advertising. It provides a ROI (Return on Investment) to my customers, so if it works they get paid and I got paid, and my company makes money. We all win. :-)

4. I have learned that I am a pretty good public speaker during the course of my job. My main accounts are real estate businesses, and I often have to talk my talk in front of 50 agents at a time at their weekly meetings.

5. There is some flexibility to being an outside sales rep. Yes some days I am still working at 8pm, but when Jamie's school has a presentation or a mommy's tea I can usually break away for an hour and be there for her.

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