Saturday, November 6, 2010

Movies under the *COLD* stars last night

Jamie is napping, it's been a nice restful day with her being under the weather. I have spent most of the day on the couch with her except to change the laundry or do a bit of putzing in my new kitchen.

Last night we went to Movie Night at our friends church. Having a bit of a cold snap we had to bundle up under blankets, gloves and scarves etc to be comfortable. I am sure my Michigan born friends and family would laugh to think 50 degrees is frigid to me; but that's the truth.

They showed A Christmas Veggie Tales movie and then Dora. During the Veggie Tales movie the kids were kind of quiet, subdued and almost seemed bored. During the Dora movie there was constant motion and dancing and craziness. I think it's all the "Vamonoses"

Jamie started with wanting a Corn Dog (which she didnt eat much of) some kettle corn (sweet pop corn) and some lemonade. I got a cup of hot chocolate which I ended up sharing (giving to her) it with Jamie. She loved it. She went back for more of the hot chocolate, more lemonade and a lollipop.

Then this morning she threw it all up in bed. I wondered if all the food is what maybe she how she got sick, but she got sick about noon again so maybe this is some sort of stomach flu.

I just know she won't be wanting hot chocolate again for a good long time.

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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Hi Martha!
I saw your comment on Bossy and see that we agree on our opinions of our new governor. It's a little scary.

Your daughter is beautiful.