Tuesday, December 21, 2010

RIP Truman

Truman wasn't quite 3 yrs old. He was part of a group of three littermates that we adopted from Animal Care and Control when they were a couple months old right around Mothers Day 2008.

He had blocked with FUS (Feline Urological Syndrome which is where their urethra gets plugged up with crystals) about a week ago. After all night catheters and a couple of days at the vet we brought him home last Saturday. This is the third male cat I have had out of four to develop this evil syndrome. I think it must be something in the food water or litter lately. WTH?!

Anyway after picking him up, I was dosing him everyday with pain meds, antibiotics, prednisone and valium. Apparently he is the one kitty in a million with an adverse affect from the valium. He got glassy eyes and was staggering a bit but I figured it was from the pain meds and didn't think anything of it. He stopped eating Sunday and assumed the 'position'. Cats who are in miserable pain tend to hunch themselves up in a bit of a crouch into themselves. He also stopped eating and when I dosed him he vomited up the pills and some bile. That was Sunday late afternoon and we thought he would be ok until Monday morning. We were wrong. The doctor thinks the valium caused liver damage that we were unable to reverse. He stayed at the vet all day and last night and died about 4am. Which was shortly after Mike and I got up to see the eclipse.

My poor sweet boy.