Monday, December 13, 2010

At the Speed of Life

My post title is stolen from my pastors sermon yesterday which really touched a chord in me.
My weeked was very chaotic with my cat Truman plugging up Thursday and having to be rushed to the kitty ER. $1100 later and now I have my cat on $50/bag cat food. Third of my four males cats I have owned to get this Feline Urological Syndrome. *Sigh* He is home now and very neurotic and needy and not liking getting 12-15 pills a day shoved down his throat. Either am I.
Jamie had a Build a Bear event for her BFF's Birthday party, this is her second BAB event and she had a great time with Mike while I picked up and soothed kitty.

Not at all ready for Christmas. Have 2 VERY large gifts in mind for Jamie and Mike, not sure what to do when to get, how to hide etc.
Then there is gifts for coworkers and accounts. I really can't afford this now...on top of teh kitchen and the cat, but I am being told that even if my company has cut back on gifts for our accounts we still should do something...But what?

Four days left til my WONDERFUL 2.4 weeks off for the holidays.
HO :0 :) :0 :) Ho Ho!!!

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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I finally started yesterday.
I hope the kitty is getting better.