Friday, December 24, 2010

Why is our 1900 sf house so crowded with only four people in it?

My mother and brother in law (s?) arrived yesterday and today I am having difficulty with wrapping and doing the last minute stuff. We have the old crib mattress in our room on the floor and had the gift wrap stuff in the guest room.

I knew I would need to wrap today and there is a large open desk in the guest room. I didn't count on my motherinlaw being out of sorts and needing to lay down.

And Uncle Bruce is 'Skyping' with his new fiance from China in the dining room, but some of the gifts are for Jamie that I am wrapping so that wouldn't have worked anyway.

So we moved the pallet in our bedroom (Uncle Bruce is staying in Jamie's room) and put up a caard table so I can wrap.

Mike took Jamie out to ride her scooter and get her wiggles out and get her out of the way.

So One Peep is sleeping, 2 peeps are scootering, 1 peep is wrappping and 1 is 'Skyping' all through the day!!!

I am stumbling around but all is good. Hope my mother in law feels good enough to come to church with us tonight for the Christmas Eve service.

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