Monday, December 27, 2010

Fairy Tales can be Scary!

Christmas is over, the houseguests left this morning. Photos are forthcoming, I need to download from both cameras.

I got a lot of library books last week - mostly picture books to read Jamie. One of them was a beautiful edition of 'The Little Match Girl'. I had forgotten the ending of the story and set about reading it to Jamie a couple nights before Christmas.
When I came to the last page I decided not to finish it...
Do you know the story?

It's about a poor little girl out selling matches shortly after Christmas Day. She is barefoot and afraid to go home to her father who will beat her for not selling any matches. She sits down to rest and lights the matches one by one for warmth and imagines various scenes including a warm stove, a loaded holiday table and Christmas Tree and her loving grandmother who died recently.

She goes into her grandmothers embrace and begs not to be let go.
Then on the last page she is dead.

Wow talk about morbid.
Then because Jamie recently saw Tangled and got Rapunzal doll and tower for Christmas we found the Grimm fairy tale version. Also pretty morbid, but ends more happily.

Here is the final paragraph:
"Thus he wandered about miserably for some years, finally happening into the wilderness where Rapunzel lived miserably with the twins that she had given birth to.
He heard a voice and thought it was familiar. He advanced toward it, and as he approached, Rapunzel recognized him, and crying, threw her arms around his neck. Two of her tears fell into his eyes, and they became clear once again, and he could see as well as before. He led her into his kingdom, where he was received with joy, and for a long time they lived happily and satisfied."
I can see why they were referred to as the Brothers Grimm.

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