Sunday, May 18, 2008

kittens are us

Minnie, Truman and Spicy (names so far, not etched in stone!)

Jamie holding the boy kitten (Truman?) on the way home from the shelter. Isn't she a serious kitty mommy?

Here they are and have they ever settled in to our home! We are fostering these three and I had told Mike we didn't necessarily have to keep all of them but I think they have all found their way into our heart. And as there are no birth parents to get them back I think we are pretty much assured that they will be here forever. I didn't realized how big Truman was until I downloaded these pictures, but the dominent one seems to be the 'Dilute Calico' who we have nicknamed Spice or Spicy as she bulls her way t whatever food or comfie spot there is in sight. They are very sociallized, the litter had been found by someone how nursed them for a couple weeks, and then relinguished these three to the shelter. So they have been handled and socialized which is extremely important for kittens btn 5 and 8 weeks. If they don't get that human interaction they will often be skittish and not very affectionate with humans their entire life.

The city animal shelter is a wonderful place to adopt. Yes they do have to euthanize many animals, but as an enticement to folks to adopt, they offer lots of benefits with getting a shelter pet. For only $60 per head they give them all their beginning shots, spay or neuter them and microchip them. It's much more of a bargain than getting a 'free' kitten.


Cat, Galloping said...

awww! adorable! i look forward to more pics!

Moneek said...

too cute...

Patty said...

I posted a comment the other day but don't see it ? ? ?

Anyway, what I said was "Precious and the kitties are cute too".

Or something like that. Will get over to see them sooner or later.