Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day! << @ @ @>>

Mike got Jamie up and was changing her this morning, when I came in Jamie said 'Ha..y mdders AY!' Hee hee so sweet of Mike to prompt her with that greeting!
Then after breakfast (Mike cooked us French Toast - yum!) we spent a good part of the morning in the pool and had a great time despite alot of wind and an approaching storm.

Jamie wanted her 'Waddy' earlier when Daddy was cleaning up after breakfast and I was striping the beds and putting her clothes away. As we had the big bed stripped her Waddy was up on the tall dresser too high for her to reach. Waddy usually spends the day on our bed as Jamie doesn't get to bring Waddy downstairs. Waddy is excusively for napping and bedtime. It has become quite the cue to her to bring on sleepiness, fingers go in the mouth and she begins rubbing her eyes furiously once she 'assumes the position'.

Anyway she asked me more than once for Waddy while I was running around upstairs and I kept telling her 'not now sweetie', or 'it's not naptime yet' So next thing I know she went downstairs and got her little chair and dragged it up the stairs, took it to the high dresser where Waddy was and got him down! She's a smart one, maybe she will be an engineer! Uncle Bruce thinks so.

I want to get some sort of widget on the side that would let our friends know that we are in the pool and they are welcome to come by and join us. Any ideas? I thought I could post something during the week like: Tentative pool schedule for the upcoming weekend is 12:30 - 2:30 Saturday and 11-1pm on Sunday, come back and check the blog to see if we are in the pool! Then have the widget indicate that we are 'In the swim'. I don't want to use the Live Video function though I did think about it, as it is a bit of a pain to set up. I love to have people over to swim in the pool but if it is a formal affair it always involves a meal and I can't stay in the pool with the guests very much of the time - I have to be setting up the meal or cleaning up. So I was thinking I really like to just have people over to swim...this would allow me to enjoy the pool with my friends, then when I do have a Pool Party where a meal is involved it would be easier to tear myself away from the action.


I was looking at my stat counter at the bottom, it gives me lots of info on where people are coming from who read my blog. I had some wierd 'come froms'

One of them is a search for 'Michigan lawn tractors on craigslist
another is a search for a bounce house on craigslist, ( I guess I do mention Craigslist now and then) but the oddest by far is a search for 'the pony went poop on the couch' Strange indeed. I did the search and we were 8 pages in and of course it was fragments of what I have posted in the past all strung together:

Jamie & Us Now and Forever He was in the kitchen when I cooked, on the couch or in my lap when I was on the .... And she Picked the pony ride. She cried a bit when we went to leave, ...

I don't see poop mentioned in this fragment, but know it has been mentioned on more than one occasion on this blog. :-)


A fellow blogger (Click on Leap of Faith on the right) got these shoes for Mothers Day today:

After going to the site and reading reviews I just had to have them! They are Crocs with a kick! So much cuter than the Caymens and one of the reviews I read said they are more comfortable than Birks!! They were $30, they didn't have the Khaki colored so I got black as I have been holding off buying the Black birks I want for the last 5 years! So I told Mike this was like saving $100~! How do you like my rationale?

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