Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I miss having a kitty

Here are 3 kittens that were found as strays by our towns animal control. I just fell in love with them especially the calico in the back. They were in the found pages and have to stay there until they see if someone lost them. I really doubt someone 'lost' a litter of kittens so I thought I would check into them as Mike said it was time we got a kitty or two. It just so happens that an ex-coworker emailed everyone at the office yesterday and said she just got a new job as an Animal Care and Control worker - good job in PR or something...Anyway I emailed her yesterday about them and when I hadn't heard back I called this morning. The guy on the phone just wanted to get me off..." they are in foster care and aren't available for adoption" When I pressed him he said all I could do is call back or check the internet every day to see when they come up for adoption...15 minutes later my friend emailed me and asked if I would be interested in fostering...Later she emailed me an application, so I just signed up to be a foster mommy again! I am not sure I will get these kitties, but will probably get a couple or a few. Mike really doesn't want 3, but my one friend said she may take one of the kittens, maybe the one in the front, which is cool cuz I really like the calico and the siamese.

I miss Poncho, but I really need to have a kitty in my life. I have been wandering over to the neighbor lady's driveway, as she has 15 cats to try to get one of them to let me pet her...but they are pretty wild so I can't get my kitty fix. This is really been the first time since '93 I haven't had a kitty and then it was only a few months after my first kitty Iggy died. So really it has been since '85 since I didn't have a kitty in my life and home. I miss having a kitty.

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Patty said...

I sure hope you're able to get the "babies" Martha . . . they are just precious.

Unfortunately, "you know who" said no more cats. Well, if you get all three, we'll just have to mosey over to see them and I'll make sure "you know who" gets to love on them. (he he he he he)