Sunday, October 17, 2010

Costume Party!

Some friends really did it up last night with a bang up family style Halloween Party. threw this party 2 years ago and Jamie still talks about that party and how we dressed up. (I dressed up as a witch and made her cry and she went as Cinderella) Here is a link back to the great time we had that year.

This year was just as memorable. It was an Alien themed event so Mike went as one of the 'Men in Black' and I went as a goth girl. Jamie was a Goth Vampiress, which is what she chose when the Ariel costume was too confining down at her legs at the Costume store yesterday.

This is the only photo I have as of yet - the host took this shot and sent it via his new Blackberry Torch (cool phone, a bit like the I-phone) hmmm wonder if work wants to upgrade us as of yet!?

Anyway Jamie had a blast, well we really all did, they had Great food, a bounce house, a scavenger hunt for the kids, a wrap up your partner in Toilet paper like a mummy (also for kids) and this cool craft that was supposed to be for kids - Duck tape Bows! I sat at that craft table and made my girls some very kewl bows.

Today, we went to church and I did a bit in the Living room/Kitchen/Laundry etc. and now I am resting a bit.

I just needed to.

More photos to come.

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Frederik Urshgur said...

Goth Grrl - wow, that's a stretch!