Saturday, October 2, 2010

During Four weeks of kitchen remodeling

This has been very challenging. See the green paint we almost painted those beat up cabinets we had? ugh it is hideous!

Can you imagine every morning being greeted with no cabinets at the top and boxes every where? for four weeks?

It's coming to an end. The cabinets are here and in place. The guy worked his butt off and get them in, Now for the finishing.

We changed plans several times, first it was painting the cabinets and putting down a silestone countertop.Then we realized that we really needed new cabinets and maybe $3000 was a bit much for the countertop.

So we ordered cabinets, but didn't know it would take weeks. And theat they would come in damaged.

ANd I hated my ceramic tile so we switched out and went with Pergo. (WHile waiting for the cabinets)

And I hate my semi flush mount light fixtures on our slanted ceiling. So they will be changed out as well.

Still don't have a kitchen in fact tonight we have no water.

Grins...but the cupboards are brand new and oh so pretty!


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Spicy Ginger Muse said...

I bet its going to look beautiful!! :)
Can't wait to see after photos!