Saturday, October 9, 2010

OK the Kitchen is done!

And my work begins!

I sent Mike to Jamie's T-ball game this morning at 9am and I didn't stop all day til now.

Is it nuts to want to put shelf paper down in all cupboards before loading em up? My aching back says it is, but it's done!

The electrician's helper man came today, he got here about 2pm and left about 9pm. He hooked up the stove, garbage disposal and installed a new ceiling fan and put our under-cabinet lights in.

The cabinet lights were the last thing he did. I went in the kitchen and fixed myself a late dinner and found that in the bottom shelf of every cupboard over the counters poking out right in the middle of my shiny new shelf paper (that used to be smooth) - A Sharp screw head! ARGHG!!

Photos to come

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