Monday, October 18, 2010

Her New Prized Possession

Saturday we had quite a day. First to the thrift store looking for a white shirt for Mike's Men in Black costume which was requested by the hostess so he would be the matching counterpoint to her hubby. While there I found my gothy blouse and a long skirt and some nice almost new Childrens Place skirts for Jamie for $3 each. (She mainly wears skirts) We also got her a pair of pink open toed shoes she really liked.

We didnt get her the 15" Dinosaur she wanted. It just didn't fit into the cash budget and it was huge...and so dinasoury. "But I want it, its like the one Ander has!" I almost buckled and went to the Cash machine, (it was $8!~ not cheap by thrift store standards.) But I held firm and told her we would get her something else sometime soon.
Then we took Mike back home to meet the electrician who was there to grind down the screws in my cupboards...He remarked that the cupboard shelves are very thin, that that never happens. Oh great.

Anyhow I took Jamie to T-ball practice myself so Mike could get some papers graded. At practice I threw knotted up rags to her so she would get used to moving the glove to catch the ball. Then because we didnt find the black tie at the thrift store we popped into the conveniently located church rummage sale right there at the ball field.

I didnt find a tie, but I found some great costume jewelry (Note what I had on at the costume party), some more great clothes for Jamie, and Jamie found herself her new prized possession - A scooter! See Jamie it paid off not to yell and cry for that dinosaur! And it was only $5 or maybe $2.50 as they had alot of stuff on clearance.
Poor child wants to be out on that scooter every day all day long! Wish they had an indoor place for kids to ride scooters and trikes. I think the local school system should do it as a fund raiser. They could open the elementary schools and allow the kids to bring in bikes and scooters and balls...maybe charge the kids fifty cents each.
Wouldn't that be a great idea?

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