Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friends and Fun

Jamie loves her friends. So we try to make sure she gets to see them often.c
Lately we have been doing T-ball (or really Jamie is doing it but we feel like we are doing it too!) Mike is one of the coaches (third base coach) and I just go to watch but sometimes during practice get out there with a glove and toss some balls around.
Jamie isn't really liking the Tball...or should we I say we don't like how she behaves at Tball. She isn't all that interested in being in the outfield for more than a few moments so she daydreams , or sits down in the dirt or decides to go to the bathroom.
So it ends up being frustrating for her and for us. She wanted to quit the first week but we told her she had to tough it out. and she is, but we are not having a lot of fun.

It was supposed to be an 'instructional' league for 4 & 5 year olds, but they combined them with the 6 & 7 yr olds. So that means the little kids are in the outfield daydreaming instead of learning to play the more active positions.
Is it bad that I stayed home to cook tomorrow nights dinner instead of going to the game?
Actually I was going to go once I got the stew together and in the oven, but Mike had pocketed my keys while getting the glove out of the van and apparently the extra keys have walked away again. Anyway I missed another one of her games. Bet the other T-ball moms think I'm not a good T-ball mom. Oh well, maybe I'm not. I do what I can do.

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