Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet kitties but sharp claws

Truman Minnie and Spicy are a year old now and all sweet kitties. Just in the last couple of weeks they have all gotten very affectionate and are a joy to be around. No elimination issues, no fighting and hissing, and Minnie even spent part of the night with me last night in bed. I couldnt do that with my other three until they got much older as they would get too crazy and wake me during the night.

I made the decision not to declaw them and am glad I didn't. They haven't destroyed anything, they choose to scratch on things that don't matter. One of the things they use is 3 of those foam letter mats we have in front of our entertainment center. Yes they are ruining them but it's ok. Small price for them not to ruin couches and carpets.

It is a bit difficult to clip their nails, none of them like it, but tolerate it better now then they did as kittens. I have been tempted to get the pet nail filer that they have been advertising so much on tv - the Pedipaw or the Peticure; but when I looked up reviews on the net I saw that I was better off with the Dremel - the authentic filing tool that those commercialized products are copying.

I don't know how well it will work for them yet. I am in the asimilation phase now. I am keeping it next to me and turning it on and letting them sniff it and get used to the noise and have touched Truman's claws to it a couple times. I will buy some cat treats and treat them when they let me use it. Hope it goes well. I don't think the clipper is a good idea anymore.

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