Sunday, April 5, 2009

Highs and Lows

Well we ended up going to Orlando and had one day in the park and one day in the Water Park. The Dr. had told me they wouldnt be doing the surgery on Mom for at least a couple weeks. Then they changed the plan and decided to do it immediately while we were away.

Mom is fine, they did the Valve replacement surgery Friday and we came home that night so I could see her in recovery. She is moving to a step down room today and is coming along nicely.

Jamie is melting down today I guess from all the excitement - Disney Animal Kingdom Thursday morning (which she didn't like too much - I will explain later) and the Magic Kingdom after our afternoon nap on Thursday nite, which she liked very much. We did one of the Disney Water Parks - Typhoon Lagoon on Friday and came home from there.

So yesterday Mike and Jamie stayed home all day, while I went out and visited Mom at Critical Care. Today we have been up since early in the morning and she is screaming and crying alot. In fact she just went up to her room and shut the door - not quite slamming, but pretty forcefully. Mike just said, "I guess we will be hearing alot of that".

I know she needs to get out and get her wiggles out. I was thinking about a Community Easter Egg hunt in a couple of hours, but is that rewarding bad behavior or is it best for all of us? What do you think?

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