Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy 8s

Crazy Eights
One of my favorite bloggers Lisa had this posted today. Join in if you want to play. It's always fun to find this stuff out about others (and yourself!)

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1} Our pool being clean
2} My mom being 100% healthy again
3) Seeing Jamie get more grown up
4) Taking Jamie to England
5) Retiring someday
6) Going to Michigan (maybe this summer)
7) Swimming
8) Getting smaller

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1} Downloaded photos
2} Worked
3} Saw my mom
4} Did a load of laundry
5) Kissed my daughter and my husband
6) Lost my temper with my daughter and my husband and my mom
7) Felt guilty for losing my temper
8) Did 3 blog posts in one day!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1}Travel whenever I wanted ($ and Time being no object)
2}Get and stay skinny
3}Be more patient
4}Be more compassionate and nuturing
5}Make a huge amount of money quickly and legally
6} GIve more money to my mom and to charity
7} Keep my house tidier
8} Play instruments & sing

8 Shows I Watch:
1)Rescue Me (Yay the new season just started!)
2)Big Bang Theory - hilarious
3)Jon and Kate plus 8 (I know she is a b*tch - I like her anyway)
4)Californication (Who knew David Duchovney could be so sexy?)
5)New Adventures of Old Christine (Julia is just as funny as she as on Seinfeld)
6)Rules of Engagement
7)Dexter (all comedies up to here, and yes this show about a serial killer is a bit of a dramedy)
8)10 years younger
9)What not to wear ( I have learned alot from these two shows - Update to come)
10)The News - Today show in the morning and local news at night (oops thats more than 8!)

Join in if you want to play - I won't be tagging anyone, it's too much like homework that way, but leave a comment if you are participating on your blog, it's fun to see your answers too. Happy weekend!

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