Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Spring Clean out & Distracted Parents = Bad Parents

Over the winter our glass patio table got knocked over by the wind and the glass went into the pool. Murphys law I guess. Anyway we knocked around ideas the rest of the winter on how to get that glass out and when it came down to it someone just had to get in there and dive for it.

So the other day despite the non hot temperatures of the water or the air I went for an early dip. Yes me, Mike cannot tolerate the cold water, and I did grow up in Michigan after all. 74 degrees was about as hot as most of the lakes got to anyway that I grew up swimming in.

Anyway, Jamie was so excited despite us both telling her she couldn't swim...guess you know where I am going with this...We let her sit at the steps during the task. Mike would take the full dustpan when I scooped it out and hand me an empty one and dump the full one and so on...One of the times I came back up and Jamie was bobbing in the water, only the top of her head was visible.

We were both pretty freaked out...make that all three of us were freaked out.

We need to get that girl into swimming lessons and get her swimming this summer without fail.

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