Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our 2 day getaway

We did Animal Kingdom Thursday morning, but we left the camera behind in the hotel so I dont have pictures yet. We bought a film throw away, I need to finish the roll and take it to be developed yet. The old fashioned way sure isn't convenient!

Jamie didn't like Animal Kingdom that mcuh. Well she like it at first. We did the Lion King show and it had trapeze monkeys and singing and dancing, then she got to meet Mickey Mouse and get his autograph, both of which she loved. It went downhill from there.

A Bugs LIfe was a 3D show and she didn't like it, in fact was a bit scared, the Nemo show was boring, and then we went on a Safari which was pretty cool- real lions and elephants and ostriches, not too far from the vehicle that took us through. But the final ride before going back to the hotel for lunch and our nap was one of those river raft water rides. Some man told me they give you ponchos in that line and then you toss them off after the ride ends. Well he was wrong. I got drenched...DRENCHED! and Mike and Jamie got wet too. She cried and screamed. Not so much fun mom.

So anyway, after our nap a Good time was had by all. She does love seeing the Princesses! ANd the parade (with Princesses and more) and of course Small World, and the Mad Tea cup ride. She was so fearless wehn we went in November, this time she cried several times (or cried out would be a better way to describe it). Even the roller coaster she couldn't wait to ride, she cried on and didn't want to ride again.

On the Mad Tea Cups there was this family they let stay on for at least 3 cycles while news cameras were videoing them from the ride and the sidelines. I think it was a football player, but Mike said they said it was just a family. (he asked)

The water park was alot of fun, we will be doing that again and again as with the Magic your way passes, you get Free water park admission for as many days as you buy to go in the parks. We got the 7 day option, we used our 3rd day in the main theme parks on Thursday and Friday was our first day in the water parks.

Then since we were to meet Diana downstate at her house for a few days we snuck in a quick visit with them on the way home.

Lots of fun packed into a 75 hour period. We made some great memories.

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