Friday, April 17, 2009

Before the adoption

I am on my old laptop today, Mike bought some software called PC cleanup in hopes I would start using this laptop again instead of the new one that is his. (I am not sure how successful that has been yet). Anyway I don't have any of my newer photos at my disposal so here are a couple from before we officially adopted Jamie.

That one photo of her in the stroller with the Stuffed Drop of blood (yes isn't that adorable - Awww cute little droplet of blood) from the Florida Blood alliance brings back memories. At her 12 month check up there was concern that her head had increased in size more than it should have so they wanted her to have a MRI. But because she wasn't officially our daughter we couldn't ok any use of sedation, not that I would have wanted to do that anyway. So I got Jamie up at 5am and took her there and we timed it so she would be sleepy for her morning nap. Then I laid across her and recited 'Goodnite Moon' til she nodded off, and they wheeled the table under the MRI. It took a few tries but we were able to get a good test. And it turned out negative for anything- I think they were looking for Hydrocepholus or water on the brain. Scary times. That month we also found out that her case was heading for an adoption date as the parental rights were termnated. Jeesh that was an emotional time.


Moneek said...

Hey Martha!

I was reading your blog and remembered you talking to me about this at work. You were so scared but so brave. She is getting so big! Just wanted to drop in and say hey and let you know I'm still following your blog and others(thanks alot for the obsession!)

Marthavmuffin said...

Oh I am so glad to hear from you Moneek. Isn't fun to blog and read blogs? I check yours now and then too. Come visit at work one day. I am there most mornings and afternoons from 4-5:30am.