Friday, June 27, 2008

Here is a meme for you to do if you want

I'm not sure why it is called a meme...something like a memo about 'me' would be my guess. One of my favorite bloggers did it on her blog today. Anyway here it is and I tag Patty to do one on her blog!

Ten years ago… I was working at the paper, but single and not even dating. Although I knew of a Mike where I worked I didn't really know him. Come August we started dating - our first date was a home Jaguar game on a Thursday night. God had made me a football fan for some reason that year - I no longer am one - and he had gotten free tickets from the paper. We started out slowly - like a date a week or so. (It was Gator season so Saturdays were out!); but by the following Valentines Day we were engaged.

Five things on my to do list today…Well it is 9pm so I will tell you my list for tomorrow: Take library books back; Do 3 loads of laundry; Swim in the pool with my family; Call about getting the kittens fixed (their poop is very stinky so we are hoping that will help - and yes Patty I know you will think this is too much information!) Try to relax - I have been having muscle spasms in my back all week.

Snacks I enjoy… ICE CREAM! Popcorn, Nuts, chocolate with nuts;

Things I would do if I was a millionaire, Travel alot; Have Jamie enrolled in activities that she loves like dance, or gymnastics or swimming and have means to get her there every day. Have a personnel trainer who would be hard on me so I would get in shape; Buy and sell houses but pay others to do the work; Have a personnel chef; Get involved in animal welfare in some way. I would love to set up a cathouse for kitties with no homes, where people can will their cats to.

Ok now it's your turn, go do one on your blog and leave me word in the comments so I will know to come read it.


Michelle Smiles said...

Personal trainer and personal chef...that might make this getting back in shape thing a little easier!

Lyn said...

Ok, I'll give this a try...

Melanie said...

FYI - a meme is a social equivalent of a gene. It's a unit of behaviour/thought.