Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun at the zoo

We got an annual pass to the zoo courtesy of our city foster & adoptive parent agency, or courtesy of the zoo...not sure who, but it was a great bonus. We went for the first time in over a year so this time Jamie was really aware of what animals she wanted to see - the Giraffes and the Monkeys. We saw both, but the giraffes are much more photogenic because they come right up to you and you can feed them. Last time we went the giraffes heads came right up into the enclosure, but the put some rocks down on the edge of their field so they cant reach so close. I guess their heads were swinging and hitting folks...could be quite the liability. Did you know that a giraffe's tongue comes out of thier mouths about 8-10 inches?! We really enjoyed the visit, it was amazing how good it went with 2 two year olds and a three year old.

Our zoo is a wonderful facility with gorgeous flowers and greenery and some pretty natural settings. (Except the bears, I bad for their little area surrounded by a driveway and some sort of shed.) It's nice that they put in a water park for the kids to cool off in too. Next time I may wear a suit underneath and get wet as well. Speaking of suits, I lost Jamies Nemo suit...I had it hanging on the handlebars of the stroller and it didn't make it out of the park. I meant to call today and see if it was in Lost and Found.

******************************** Speaking of not so fun stuff I am having a colonoscopy on Friday. So at least this will be a short week at work.

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Patty said...

Great pictures Martha . . . and I see our "little girl" is looking into the camera in many of them. WA HOO

Glad you were able to get the pass to the zoo; that's a nice gesture on whoever's part. Can you take people in on it?

One of these days, when I'm up & running (lol), maybe I'll join you.

TMI . . . re: your procedure