Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kitties vet check

I had to take the kittens back to the Animal Control today. Jamie got hysterical in the driveway when I left the house with them this morning, and silly me thought she was sad to see me go to work without taking her to daycare. No...she was freaking out cuz she thought I was taking the kittens away...for good! "Daddy kitties gone?" she sobbed...Anyway the kittens were due for their shots and to get weighed. They were less than 2 lbs each when we picked them up 3 wks ago. Now Truman (the Siamese) is 2 lb 15 oz and Minnie (the dark calico) and Spicy (the dilute calico) weight about 2 1/2 lb each. They were very happy to see me come back to pick them up! Next I get to take them back to be spayed and neutered. Can you believe they are able to do that to such young kittens? they just need to be at least 2 lbs and 8 weeks old. Then we can adopt them. So we're still a foster family. A gal I used to work with just started working there doing PR and I saw her on the news Thursday and again this morning. Sounds like an interesting job but I am afraid I would want all of the animals. I remember once going to a kennel with a friend who was thinking about getting a cat, and just sobbing in front of the cages, knowing that most of them would be put down soon.

Truman is the most loving or codependent of the 3 - he reminds me a bit of my dear Poncho- he follows me and wants to be where I am and talks alot. I am glad Jamie loves the kittens as they will be part of her life a good long time. I hope they play with her and follow her around as time goes by- right now they tolerate her petting them and thrusting stuff in their face all the time. She is starting to play with them though, she was rolling a ball for Spicy for over 10 minutes earlier.

The kittens are about 11 weeks old now, I figured their birthday is March 23 2008, my 15th anniversary of working at the paper. (Who'd a thunk I would be at this job so long!)

Truman is sitting on my tummy (I am laying on the couch typing this on my laptop)...he is such a lovey. I am so happy to have kitties in our lives again.

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