Monday, June 23, 2008

Which is the best scratching post for cats?

I have decided that I don't want to declaw these kitties. It really is a cruel procedure and would like to see if we can skip it. I wanted to skip it with my last batch of cats, but when I got Katie my mom lived with me so I had her declawed to satisfy mom...and the other two because it wouldn't be fair to Katie. But since we are starting fresh with these guys I really want to give this a chance. They say behavior issues can arise from declawing...and I have had kitties with behavioral issues. Katie was such a brat cat...nobody but us would dare to pick her up and she did her share of growling at me....Poncho was codependent kitty...he had to be right with me to the point of irritation, and Kimba was very neurotic...he would back into the walls and couches and spray when upset. Who is to say these issues were not because of being declawed?

So the search is on for a good scratching post. This 'Purrfect Post' seems to be among the better of the two, the other is called Top Cat. They are both about $60- which sounds like alot but wouldnt it be worth not getting the furniture messed up?
I hope to get one soon before any of them find the couches, at this point they are scratching at the foam letters blocks on the floor, which I think is fine, but I know they will go for the vertical stretch soon.

Any experience out there?


Cat said...

those corrugated cardboard ones have always worked best for us. they lie horizontal on the floor and the cats stand on them and scratch. (i guess you have to see if your cats are horizontal or vertical scratchers.) they do sometimes still scratch other things but most of it is concentrated on the cardboard. They tend to be overpriced considering what they are, but there you go.

Patty said...

I agree with Cat . . . Jinx (who is declawed) loves the "box" especially when I put fresh catnip in it (lol).

Little Girl on the other hand, has her claws and scratches mostly on the area rug we just put down in the living room. I have noticed her scratching on the dining room chairs lately but she gets down when I call her on it.

Another thing you might try is getting pieces of carpet and adhering them to the wall (in corners so it's on two sides).

The post you are looking at is ok but when I had Romeo & Kittin Kat, they pretty much ignored it.

Happy Hunting ! ! !