Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life is good

Well we have some good news! Mike finished his tasks Monday! He has finally completed 22 tasks that were assigned to him a year ago and should be getting his permanant certificate sometime soon. Since he stayed up all night on Sunday to finish them on Monday he is still not back to normal. He fell asleep right after we put Jamie to bed tonight and is still sleeping (11pm). Poor baby...too bad he procrastinated so much last summer and fall - he really had to put it into hyperdrive this past month.

During his hyperdrive, his mom and brother visited - Which Miss Jamie thouroughly enjoyed. She just loves her Grandma Fifi and Uncle Bruce. They left this morning - it was a shame Mike had to work on his tasks most of the time during the visit.

Oh but his weight loss campaign seems to be working out nicely he has lost about 15 or 20 lbs or so...hard to tell as he didn't weigh in until he was dieting for over a week. Also because he isn't eating carbs I am not eating so much bread, potatoes pasta and rice I also managed to lose 5 lbs. Now if I can give up sweets and start exercising I should be able to lose more as well.

My mom is settling into living here in our fair town again. She is hoping her Mobile home sells soon on the other side of the state but seems happy to be back in River City.

We are having rain almost every afternoon reminicsent of the early 90's when I first moved to Florida...Doesn't make for enjoyable evenings in the pool, but at least we aren't breathing smoke from forest fires as in years gone by.

My job is great, I am busy driving all over town most days, but for the most part I love it. It's just a tough time to sell advertising, but it will pay off later when the market picks up again, or so we hope.

The kittens are good, mostly affectionate and loving, but also playful and full of fun. They really enjoyed Mikes mother being here as she gave them plenty of extra attention. They are getting bigger, and I need to set appointments for them to be fixed soon, I don't want to take the chance of any hormones starting up. We had a kitty who would 'mark' his territory and we don't want to go down that road again.

Ok good news about the hubby, the relatives, the pets and the weather, now to what truly matters - News about the Princess of the house:

Jamie is quite recalcitrant recently - She was really quite a challenge at dinner tonight, frowning and backtalking both of us. Whenever visitors leave she suffers a bit of a social hangover I am afraid, but this too shall pass.

She uses whole sentences now, missing some of the smaller sight words but I can usually understand her. She enjoys a dill pickle most mornings on the way to daycare and likes wearing dresses and skirts. She is also getting interested in her dolls. I need to look for some Barbie Doll clothes for her.

She gets a bit rough with the kitties, but I am being firm and watching her closely. I will not allow her to be mean to them...they are so affectionate, and I want that to continue. If she is rough with them I am afraid they will hide from her, and that's no fun!

Ok off to bed, what is good in your world?

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Lyn said...

We are going thru a period of back talk with one of our five year olds and the only thing that has worked so far is completely ignoring him until his attitude changes and if he gets out of hand, we send him to the toilet (our time out seat).