Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ok I know I'm an older mommy & Swim lessons

Well it finally happened to me today. Mike has been called Jamies 'Grandpa' on more than one occasion and when he tells me about it, I say "Honey don't worry about it, we are older parents..." but when Jamie's swim teacher referred to me as the Grandma today it was weird. And not in a good way. Darn I wish it hadn't bothered me but it did despite her assurance that she is getting alot of grandmas taking their grandkids to lessons lately.

The swim lessons went ok I guess. What do they teach a 2 year old you may ask? Well Jamie learned how to get in the pool by crawling down the wall by twisting her body, she learned to wait to jump until I say "1, 2, 3, GO!" and she learned how to crawl out of the pool pulling herself up by her elbows and then crawling out. I am not sure she will be able to do it in our pool as we don't have the ledge like at the city pool but we will see. She did not learn to roll over, this maneuver where I have to get her to allow me to support her as she is floating on her back and rolling her over onto her stomach. She even got a little pissed with me for trying it again and again. But she did better than the little boy 'Nicholas' who sobbed the whole time and pleaded to get out. Jamie missed the first 2 lessons this week because of a private swim team meet and a nearly bad weather day on Monday, but she is almost caught up to the rest of the Aqua Tots. We will see if she will roll with it tomorrow.

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