Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vacation at home & Peepee in the potty

I have a few days off and we are sticking close to home. The high cost of gas does have something to do with it, as well as some back pain that I am finally getting a grip on. I have been going to a fantastic Chiropracter & Alternative health center and I can't recommend it enough. I went for the first time on Tuesday and again today and I feel better, after more than 2 weeks of constant pain under my right scapula. (shoulder blade). I tried 2 massages before going to Dr. Will and although they helped, the pain really dissipated after getting adjusted and manipulated. Plus I get a massage at Dr. Will's!! Enough about my pain, or lack thereof.

Today was my first day off and we had a bit of a pool party. My friend Chris and her granddaughter Shelby who is five came over first thing this morning and later my other friend Michelle and her two boys Danny who is 5 and Jordan who is four came for swimming.

Then we had marinated roast beef on the grill with potatoes, cauliflower and 5 bean salad for lunch and brownies for desert. Yum. That was our big meal of the day, Jamie went down for her nap afterwards and I went to see Dr. Will.

After my adjustment I visited a new day care center behind the Dr. office that is affiliated with the local Catholic church in this part of town. I have always thought it looked interesting and even called about it for Jamie before we put her in her first daycare situation (which turned out to be at my good friend Michelles'). Anyway Dr. Will and the massage tech use this daycare for their two year olds (isnt that funny; we all have 2 yr olds) and it is less than a mile from our house, and has a huge shaded playground. I went in and toured the center. Where Jamie is now is a home daycare which is nice as she has interactions with the whole family, loves it there and they love her; but she hardly ever goes outside and she is the oldest kid there now that her older girlfriend Sidney moved to a center. I think it's important for her to be around kids her own age and older some of the time, and I know my girl wants to be outside more.

There are only about 12 or 15 in the 2.5 year old class and there is one opening. I was impressed and I think that is where she will go. The rate is a bit more than we are paying - $125/week or $500/month; but it goes down to $110/week once she is potty trained. I was impressed with the kids there and Dr. Will says they love all the teachers there.

And that leads me to our big news~!!! For the first time ever Jamie went peepee in her potty right after her nap!!! We are so proud, I opened the bathroom window and yelled out to Daddy (guess who just went Peepee) I am sure the neighbors are very proud as well! (JK)

She got a peanut M & M and handed out kisses to both of us. We clapped and cheered, it was quite an occasion. If she goes poo she gets a sucker, and that will really be a big day.

Mike is outside pressure washing the spa, we just may get it working again soon. I am thrilled as I miss it so much.

Well that is all for now. Hope everyone is having a great day. I will add pictures later.

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