Wednesday, July 23, 2008

$60 for some Name clothing labels!

Jamie will be moving to a new daycare a week from next Monday. It's a larger church run daycare with many more rules and regs, but will allow Jamie to be with her peers (other 2.5 yr olds who aren't potty trained yet) and also allow her to go outside twice daily. WHere she is now is a home daycare who has one other child Jamie's age, one a year younger and the other 3 or 4 are babies. So it is time, and Jamie is looking forward to it. We took her there and showed her the playground and she calls it 'My Park!'

They require that all of Jamies clothes have her name in them. As I hope to sell her clothes at a twice annual consignment sale I don't want to use magic marker on the labels. I think its tacky for the next person who may want the clothes.

So I went in search for some name labels, Walmart didn't have them, which surprised me. I found some options online after checking with Hobby Lobb* and Office *epot. Walmart has a Brother label maker that can use either plastic labels or labels made from material.

Their label maker was marked down from $39 to $19.99 - the same label maker from Office Depot was $40 - neither place has the material tape though. So I found it online - $20 for a roll of it - I will wait to order this until I recieve the label maker from Walmart.

I also found a site where they do sew in labels and stickers so I ordered 200 labels and 80 stickers - the roll for the label maker is iron on and I wanted both, plus you need stickers for the sippy cups and stuff right? Also these labels should last us a long time, maybe throughout Jamie's childhood! And the label maker will come in handy for other things - Mike is a teacher and he should label up all his stuff in his classroom.

Like how I rationalize this $60 worth of stuff just so I follow the rules at the new daycare?!


greedygrace said...

I hear ya! I'm starting my daughter at a new school in September and I'm going to have the same problem. I'm thinking some kind of sewn in label? I'll have to research this some more!

William Christian said...

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