Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ok now this is really the life!

Out here at the pool with the laptop! Blogging!

Ok maybe the connection isn't quite as quick. And grabbing a photo doesn't seem to be an option, but still!

Jamie has a new 'best friend' and is enjoying 10 year old Ashlynn and her slightly older brother. They are staying in the unit next to us. Tyler loves to fish and has kept us all entertained with his netting small bait fish and feeding small shrimp to the heron.

The heron is a trip. He stands by the bait bucket and waits for some fish and if Tyler covers the bucket he circles it squacking up a storm.

Busch Gardens yesterday was HOT. And we stayed all day, well pretty much all day, we left at 6:30. I wore my bathing suit and got wet several times but it was still pretty miserable. The photos I am sure are going to show some bedraggled parents and one Sunburned sweaty child.

We do need to download the photos, all of the photos. Mike downloaded just a few the other night but I haven't taken the time to do it. He's tech for a reason.

I think Jamie is having more fun here at the condo at the pool and the beach than at Busch Gardens. I know I am.

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