Monday, July 12, 2010

Is the economy any better out there?

They let four people go today at my company. We are an old medium in a new fangled world. I work for a newspaper but we do also have a website that is well respected and also very heavily traveled.

Newspapers are having a tough time of it. We are the communities voice and are expected to provide timely news and information both online and in print, but many of the advertisers have abandoned us. The information we provide isn't cheap as our stories are reseached and cross verified. The reputation of a newspaper is extremely valuable and is protected at all costs.

I am in the advertising department and we are given the task of trying to get the kind of revenue necessary to keep the information flowing.

I often wish there were some sort of online message board or community for newspaper advertising reps to compare notes with.

It was sad news to hear of some of my colleagues leaving our company today.

Is it as bad everywhere as it is here in Florida?

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Just Lisa said...

It's pretty bad here. Neither one of us has lost our job yet, but our house has lost at least $75K in value since we bought it 7 years ago. And I can tell Allie's preschool is feeling it-- there's maybe a quarter of the kids that were there when she started two years ago.

I just keep telling myself: it has to get better sooner or later!