Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lots of Memories from Indian Shores

We left our beautiful gulf front condo this morning. And it was hard. We didn't get out on time, and the owner wasn't pleased.

We will see how much he keeps from our security deposit. We were there 35 minutes past the check out time of 10am and he called at 10:05 hurrying us along. But I also did some major straightening and even mopped the kitchen floor.

We also missed the Dolphin encounter boat ride I had planned for us this morning as we had to be there at 10:30am.

And I was up at 6am!!

Oh well. The memories and the photos remain.

Jamie learned to swim in that pool. We spent alot of time going from beach to pool and Jamie bonded with 11 year old Ashlynn who was staying next door.

We loved the balcony and gazing at the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and seeing the sun set every night.

My lovely Aunt Elaine visited and brought gifts and laughter (hilarity) to the place one night - it was so good to see her and Jamie just fell in love with her all over again. (More on this visit later when I download the photos)

And of course Busch Gardens. As hot as it was it is truly a beautiful Park. We loved the Hippo most of all I think, they had an underground cave butted up to the hippos pond and we stayed there quite a long time.

Jamie loved the Air Grover Roller Coaster and this show she called 'Harmony' because they sang a song about Harmony, called Critter Encounters. It had dogs, cats, parrots and other exotic creatures trained into a skit about a desert island.

And I loved Sheikra. I rode it at least four times and could have rode it four more, every day we went. It has two straight down vertical drops and is just a blast, Mike even likes it.

So now we are in a 2 room 'Suite' at an Orlando hotel. The living room with the ac is ice cold and the adjoining bedroom not so cold. It is ok, but nowhere what we had become accustomed to on the coast.

The plan is to do water parks the next two days. With our Magic your way tickets we added the water park option as well as no expiration option. That means we have 7 extra days in the water parks that we need to use up before using the last 'Big Park' Ticket. So this is the summer of the Disney water parks.

Hopefully Jamie will be fearless and we will have a blast. Blizzard beach first as we haven't been there yet. We have done Typhoon Lagoon already three times.

Can't wait.

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Lauri said...

looks beautiful, i would be sad to leave too