Monday, July 19, 2010

More of Emily's Birthday Party

Here are some random shots from Emily's birthday party which happened at our house.
Any of these photos are viewable in full size or 'grabbable' (is that a word?!) just by clicking on them and on the slide show it will take you to

We were glad to have it here so we could all enjoy swimming and cooling off a bit in the 95 degree heat. It did rain about 30 minutes into the party, just long enough for all to gather in the porch and eat food and cake and open gifts.
Then it was back into the pool for another dip.

Jamie got a little green-eyed during the gift giving, but actually more so the night before when Mike took her to KMart to pick out the gift. Jamie picked out an Ariel doll who 'swims', had a floating inner tube and her hair turns color when wet. Jamie had a mini meltdown at one point, "But nobody is getting me any presents"

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