Monday, July 19, 2010

Mommy is never off duty & Fun at Busch Gardens

You know when a mom is on vacation she isn't entirely off duty. I let my baby get sunburned today. Yes I applied sunscreen liberally more than once today but apparently it wasn't enough. She has cherry red cheeks and a bit of redness on her upper back and shoulders.

I feel so bad. I am hoping the cheeks are from the wind, a bit of wind burn...we were out there from 10 am until almost 3pm. We shall see.

Busch Gardens was a pleasure yesterday. We got there right at 9am so the park was relatively uncrowded and not too hot for the first several hours. We went straight to the back of the park as all the books tell you to do.

The big coasters were open - Kumba was pretty neat, nice and long with corkscrews and tbey even let me ride twice without getting off since there were only 2 people waiting (for the front car of course). First time I ever rode a major coaster like that twice in a row with not even getting off the ride in between.

Then we tried to get on the raft ride but Jamie wasn't having it. Crazy kid will stand in the kids water park and let water cascade onto her head like a shower but hates the real shower or a raft ride that may have waterfalls splashing on her head.

I rode it alone, we were hoping she would see how fun it was but no...And yes, I did get wet but it was good. I wore my bathing suit that looks like an outfit and was cool and comfortable most of the rest of the time we were there because of getting wet. And I was able to get wet again about an hour later in one of the kiddie water areas they have there.

Jamie's highpoint is standing under Sheikra, a roller coaster that does a straight drop down, much like the hawk it is named for. It's tail end splashes over the pathway and Jamie just loves screeching as she gets soaked. While she enjoyed that I rode Sheikra. Or waited to ride it. We were going to do the baby swap, (this allows both parents to ride with only having one wait in line) How it works is that first I ride, then when I get off Mike gets a fast pass to the top of the line, but while in line the coaster kept going down for maintenance. It was supposed to be a 30 minute wait, but it took me almost an hour to get to the top. Then it went down again! I sat up in that car poised for take off for over 15 minutes, another first in my rollercoaster history.

Anyway after I got off we decided to move on and let Jamie have the last ride. (Poor Mike misses out alot at the theme parks, he just doesnt seem to care about the coasters like I do). Anyway, Jamie loves this Baby Hippo water ride that has one this one lame hill. It's really for three and under, but she still loves it. Plus she actually rode the Air Grover this time, which is a mini coaster made for kids. She wouldn't step foot in it in February, but this time she LOVED it.

We will probably do BG again tomorrow if the poor baby isn't as burned as I am fearing she may be. She is napping now...and I am laying here with my feet up facing a gulf front view thinking about cooking up some Pasta and shrimp for dinner. I can hear the waves lapping on the beach below us.

It's heaven.

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