Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weekend retreat was great

We went away to stay for the weekend in rustic cabins at a state park with our church group and it was great. A bit more rustic than we are used to but still so enjoyable. The cabin we were in actually had indoor plumbing though the shower leaked 5 gallons/per hour. How do I know it was five gallons? because it was leaking so bad it was splashing the entire bathroom floor, theen someone would go in there with dirty shoes and we had a mud puddle for a bathroom. So I took the wastecan and put it under the showerhead and we took a towel to create a dam to keep the splash from coming out into the other half of the room. That waste can filled up every hour!

But I digress...despite the ticks (I found one on me 3 days and 3 showers later! Mike found one on him in the pool on SUnday night and our friend Stephanie peeled one off of her on Saturday and had another on her last night)...the lack of Air conditioning in almost 90 degree heat and sleeping in the same room with two other families all of which was an adjustment let me tell ya...we just had the greatest time!

Friday night we had square dancing in an old fashioned rec hall made of log cabins with a tin roof. I missed the first round of dancing as I had Kitchen duty after the meal so when I came in Mike was already dancing. I was pretty surprised as he isn't much of a dancer. The next dance was a line dance and I got out there with Jamie and the kids and stumbled around a bit...during the dance all of a sudden we heard a rat tat tat!! I thought some kid had a cap gun, but no it was hail! and was it ever intense! It was the size of walnuts and went on for over 10 minutes. With the tin roof it was earsplitting loud. THe dance stopped and everyone had their ears plugged. Jamie cried at first, then I had her laughing, it was exciting! And what a memory! None of us will ever forget it!

The next day we went to a place called Ichnetucknee- and floated down a river that originates at a natural spring in inner tubes and rafts. it was beautiful and so relaxing.

Jamie had a great time with her friends - they got coated with shaving cream and ran through sprinklers together, ripped and roared on the playground and just basically spent time together playing outside.

Good times.

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