Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mothers Day

It seems like a lot of holidays are becoming more than one day long. Halloween and Christmas has activities and events for weeks leading up to the actual day. Valentines Day has the anticipation leading up to it with preparing the cards/goodies for kids class.

On Tuesdays we usually take Jamie to ChikFilA for their kids day. Since I have been working late hours so much I don't always make it. (Which often means a load of Mommy guilt- One week I missed her first public vocal performance - they had a Karaoke machine that week!)

Anyway as we had just returned from our Weekend retreat, Mothers Day week was busy and I chose to do grocery shopping and come straight home after work rather than joining Jamie and Mike at ChikFilA.

She came home with the cutest clay flower pot painted by her (Mike said she worked on it for over an hour!) with flower seeds planted in it. Such a nice surprise for me and it wasn't even Mothers Day yet!

By Mothers Day morning when these photos were taken the seeds had sprouted!

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