Monday, May 24, 2010

Jamie's new Family

These 2 girls have become the sisters Jamie didnt have. We first met Emmie the little blonde girl who is 6 mos younger than Jamie at a library and they really hit it off. So I talked with the mom and we exchanged email addresses. A week later she tapped me on the shoulder at the church we had just returned to after a 3 yr hiatus.

That was a year ago. We have since me Kelseys family also from church. It's nice to have family friends who have kids the same age. Since we really don't have family here in the area, it seems like we have more of a connection when we hang with other families.

Church is really helping with this. I am really enjoying us feeling more connected.

In other news Jamie's recital is this weekend and my mother and brother in law will be coming to see her performance. Then we will have a bit of a get together afterwards. No photos may be taken at the recital so memories will have to suffice.

And work is going much better. Thank god. I am really trying to do my best and it's paying off.

I decluttered a bit today in anticipation of my mother in law sleeping in the guest room. It isn't perfect but it sure felt good to get out 2 boxes and 3 bags of stuff to the garbage and goodwill. (Good bye old vcr tapes of Cosby & ER - right in the trash they went!)

Life is good.

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