Thursday, May 27, 2010

Smart mouth = Smacked butt

Ok I am getting weary of the smart mouth and I lost it. I warned her twice tonight while getting her ready for bed...."I already went potty..." and then she does this Mimicky singsong repeat of what I just said...So she got spanked hard twice on the bottom.

I really didn't want to be a spanking mom. My mom spanked us a lot, first with her hand, then later with a firemans belt with a brass buckle. I hated that belt and I hated her for using it.

I hope I don't spank her very often. But geesh this child is challenging. I am just feeling like if we let her get away with BS now we are really going to be in for it when she is 13.

I hope she doesn't hate me.


Cinda said...

It must be in the air - we've got it here right now too. So, so, so frustrating!!

Lauri said...

I can relate.... we struggle with this so much... now I say sternly " excuse me" and she rights herself and apologizes. We used hot sauce too... spicy mouth for a sassy mouth.

It's rough and comes and goes

hang in there

Just Lisa said...

Oh, you poor thing. I've never spanked Allie before (well, that's not true, I've swatted her, not the spankings I remember as a kid), but I yell when I'm frustrated. I feel like she doesn't listen until I lose my temper and start yelling. And then she cries and then I feel guilty.

It's hard to be a mommy. They don't come with instructions! Hang in there!