Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Little Dancer

Jamie did fabulous in her first real recital. They didn't allow photos during the actual event, in fact I got in trouble for taking the photos of the girls in the dressing room. THe ones on the big stage were during the rehearsal that morning, in which Jamie joked around and made noises and poked the other girls. She was perfect for the actual performance though. We ordered the dvd and haven't gotten it yet.

The other photos were at her daycare where they performed as part of their 'program' for graduating from preVPK. It gave them the chance to run through it the day before the big day, Mike and I were both able to be there as well as my mom.

Mike's folks didnt end up coming so it was just a few friends afterwards for cake and food at our house by the pool.

Oh she was an elephant, they were elephants all in a line, dancing, dancing (Such a cute song, but I can't find it anywhere)

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Just Lisa said...

Adorable! I have to get Allie into something like this!