Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jamie likes the "Fake Part" of Grease

I am lucky enough to get some free tickets now and then from where I work to certain off broadway productions. A couple of months back I asked about getting Free tickets to take Jamie to something and thought they didn't have what I was asking for at the time (can't even remember what it was!) I was able to score four tickets to Grease.

In preparation for seeing the play I got a copy of Grease from the library to show Jamie and get her familiarized with the story. (and yes I skipped the racy scene with Rizzo and her guy)...anyway we watched the movie enough where she was excited when the commercials started airing last week.

So last night was the big night, and Grandma (my mom) went with us as I got four tickets. Several times during the performance Jamie whispered to me "Is the fake part next?" or "I like the fake part, will it be soon" etc...

I'm like "what in the world is the fake part baby?"

Finally as the story progressed I realized what she was talking about...where the Olivia Newton John character - Sandy Dumbrowski - dressed up like Rizzo...get it?
The fake part. Where Sandy gives up who she is in order to please her man and be something she isn't.

Hmmmm, not sure if that is a quality I want my girl to adopt.

Anyway a good time was had by all despite my mom muttering more than once that she didn't think it was appropriate for Jamie to go to that production. I thought Jamie did very well..she stayed pretty quiet and other some running and flouncing her pettycoats in the aisle during intermission pretty much stayed seated.

I'm glad I took her. Jamie has loved musicals since she was first exposed to them as a baby. She especially loves musicals that have dancing and Grease has both.

Was it mean to think to myself during one of my moms rants that Jamie was too young to be there that perhaps my mom is too old to be there?

Hey at least I didn't say it out loud. This woman and I can really get into it and I was determined to enjoy the night. (And we did!)

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