Saturday, April 24, 2010

A whole days living by four pm!

Mike and Jamie at church last week.

Jamie is finally down for her nap. Yes she is still napping at four years and four months old and as far as I'm concerned she will continue to nap at least for now.

We had an extra long dance class this morning as we missed last week since the older students were at a competition. It was fun, lots of log rolls, crab walks, some skipping and hooping...its really not a 'dance' class, more of a rythmic movement class.

Her other class during the week at daycare is more of a ballet type dance class - she will be in an actual recital coming up in a few weeks and it's being held at a real venue. The same place I saw River Dance and the Nutcracker. They are going to wear real costumes and I am supposed to put Jamies hair up in a bun.

Hmmm, not sure how that will work. I know I need to start practicing...probably should have let her hair grow out.

Anyway after Dance class today Jamie and I went straight to her school's grounds as they were having a Spring Fest of sorts. Lots of bouncy houses and other games and fun. We went through the $20 worth of tickets in about 2 hours. Jamie got to bounce and jump plenty, eat cotton candy, get her face painted, her nails done, her hair dyed with dots of bright red and purple, bat some balls, throw frisbees and toss bean bags, 'fish' for prizes, dig for gold, play her first game of putt putt plus see a couple of her friends from school.

During all this there was an 8 yr old child wandering around kind of latching on to folks. At the beginning she was right there with Jamie and I during our game of Putt Putt. Then about an hour and a half later when Elizabeth and her mom came, the little girl was hanging with them. I asked Mary Ann, Elizabeths mom is she knew the child and she said no, she was just there with them.

I mentioned to one of the folks at one of the rides that I thought the little girl was there alone and he said no, her mom was there somewhere with a younger sister.

I just thought it was strange. Would you let your 8 yr old beautiful little girl wander around alone during something like this?

I lost a strip of the tickets towards the end, but when we got our lunch to go the nice man there let us get a hot dog and a hamburger despite being four ticket short.

Then we came home and took our first dip in the pool. Well Jamie did. Although it was 79 degrees, I just couldnt go in entirely. So I worked on Vaccuming and scooping while Mike helped as well.

After all of this I took Jamie up to read to and she started crying and fussing, not wanting to take her nap.

But she is sleeping now...and I am thinking about it.

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