Monday, July 13, 2009

Taming the Spirited Child

Anyone out there read this book? I think it makes alot of sense so far, but I am still at the beginning of it where he is giving the rational but not the methods to use. Now if the methods he describes are doable I am hoping Mike will read it too and take ownership of the methods along with me.

Jamie is getting very willful. She comes by it honestly as Mike and I can be very strong willed or 'willful', or as this book terms it 'Spirited'. It purports that you should rejoice in the fact that your child is willful. A passive child is easier to get along with and will behave better, but probably won't have that fire inside to become an entreprenuer or a leader or an artist/creator type. And that it is our job as parents to nurture that spirit. To help that child tame that spirit so they can be happy productive members of society.

To try to break that spirit can result in rebellion and ruin.

I need to do something different. We have administered more spankings recently and they just don't seem to work, just bad feelings result from them on all sides.

I hope this is the answer, if not we will keep working to find the right answer for Jamie and for our family.

These 3's are by far much more challenging than those 'terrible'? twos.

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Patty said...

Jamie is coming into her own & developing her personality. While not a parent, I have enough nieces & nephews to know that they test you to see what they can get away with.

Be patient with her, she is just trying to express herself. Sometimes it might be better to reward the good & not pay so much attention to the bad. Kids learn to crave attention and sometimes the only way they get it is by acting out. Be careful not to compare her with others . . . she could get confused & start mimicking the "bad" kids. Are there really any bad kids at this age? L O L

Lead by example & she will be sure to follow. Hang in there, I hear it gets better in about 18 years or so.

P. S. hope you enjoyed your vacation