Saturday, July 18, 2009

Geocaching- treasure hunting for geeks

And it's right up our alley. I love maps and finding my way. We just bought our first GPS for our trip last month, and of course we are both all over the web daily. That and having a car to go find the caches are about all you need to take up this new hobby.

I heard about it vaguely about 6 mos ago when the newspaper I work at did a feature on it. (Does anyone else out there read a daily newspaper?)

Then when we were in Michigan going to the Metro Park that time with my cousin I read something about Geocaching on the brochure for the park.

People put little 'caches' in public places in either a film containter, a magnetic keyholder or even a tupperware container. It can contain small objects such as coins or nibbety nobs or it can simply hold a paper log for folks to sign their name and date and whether they left anything behind.

Then you go back to the website and post any comments regarding finding the cache, or if you dont find it, that you couldnt locate it.

We looked for our first while we were in North Carolina with Mike's brother. It was on the side of the road next to a river at the county line out in the country. Mike's brother Bruce found it, but we were all pretty psyched.

Bruce with first geocache located!
Mike putting it back
Martha by the river near the cache

When we went to look for the cache today it was between the baseball stadium and the coliseum. A very public place. We knew it was in a magnetic holder because of some of the clues/comments on the website.

I was the one to find it this time and yes, it is fun and it is addicting. We will be doing this regulary. You have your own list of findings on the site, so it's a bit like blogging...or twittering, or something mildly addicting and worth adding to the myriad of other mildly addictive hobbies we both have.

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