Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to Reality and it ain't all bad

I went back to work yesterday after a great long vacation. I had a one on one meeting with my boss today and he commented that he loved his job and what we do there and doesn't ever really want to go on vacation.

As usual I was truthful with him. (I cant seem to use corporate speak). I said that I do love what I do and my job, but I also love my vacations and need that time to recharge. He was ok with that I think, but I get the feeling that he wishes we all didn't take vacations.

All I can do is be a hard working employee and try to show that I do care about my work. I can't lie and act as if work is all there is for me in my life. Work pays the bills, and allows us to go on nice vacations and enjoy our life. And my work is actually enjoyable and fulfilling for the most part. So I am pretty lucky.

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