Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Art Market in Town

Last weekend between GeoCaching we also went to a new art market/fest that happens every Saturday under one of our many bridges in this town.

Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. Our climate is very hot and humid and often rainy in the summer time. So the put down pavers and built a sort of ampitheatre and voila! A shaded space near the river with a roof to keep dry.

We really enjoyed it but it could be dangerous. I found that Kenyan coffee- its $9/bag but so good! I would need 2 bags as I mix caff and decaff, so that's $18, they had Chicken Calypso with black beans and rice for $5; a very large slice of Pizza Palace Pizza for $3; a very cool bug eating plant for $20; Pineappples to support our local shelter for Battered women for $2 - what a deal! and for charity! Numerous handmade necklaces one I adored that was $160; Dark Chocolate Chip Bread and scones for $6.50 and $3.50 respectively.

So since we had a limited amount of cash we just bought 1 portion of Chicken Calypso, 1 piece of pizza and one pineapple. So we spent $10 instead of hundreds. Dangerous I'm telling you. But we will be going back. They had live music down by the river in the ampitheatre, and street performers throughout. I wished we had gotten a picture of the contortionist, but thats for another day.

Is Jamie getting huge or what - she still wants to ride in her stroller though. Oh and isn't that twirl cute that Jamie did when she heard we were going somewhere?!

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