Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Familial connections

We are home from our vacation. It was wonderful, lots of good times and memories were made. Of course my husband has spoiled our child, and now she won't sleep by herself (without loads of protest ie. I can't sleep, I want to sleep with you, I need some water, I have to go pee pee etc..)

Anyhow, while away I realized I hoped there would be more of a connection with relatives her age. We go up there and she gets to see her grandma and uncle and my various cousins, but not many who were around her age.

Mike and I both just have one brother (I have stepbrothers and sisters as well), and both of our brothers are still bachelors. So this basically means Jamie has no first cousins. So I really want her to connect with 2nd cousins or 3rd removed, or whatever there is for her.

On my side of the family we were able to get with my stepsisters kids and Jamie truly enjoyed herself. I really had hoped we could have gotten with some of Mikes relatives who have children but it just didn't happen this time.

I guess I feel a little guilty for some reason, when I was a kid I had first cousins my age we saw pretty regularly, and loads of 2nd and 3rds and Jamie really doesn't have much of an extended family.

Since we are such older parents I feel like when we are gone she will have no family and that makes me sad. Are your families more fractured now than when you were kids?

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Cinda said...

I feel exactly the same way!!!