Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring break

Well my Mom was here for a visit - she stayed a week and left Friday at 8pm to drive back to Clearwater. Why 8pm you say? Well she had brought her cat Kiwi because she didn't want to leave her alone so soon after her boy cat Corky died. Anyway, Kiwi wouldn't come out from under the bed so I went up there with Mike and we attempted to get her. After 20 minutes of struggle, in which we moved furniture while wearing socks on my arms, I was bitten right through the sock- quite a painful puncture wound. So we gave up, and Mom spent the next 7 hours sitting up there waiting for her to come out, which finally happened at 8pm at which time she left. ( We had taken Jamie to the Mall play area to get her wiggles out so we were quite surprised to see that she had left that late to drive 5 hours home!)

She thinks she found a place that she can move in here in Jacksonville, but she still needs to sell her mobile home and that may not be doable so quickly.

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